Scott provides you with impeccable nutritional guidance, and exceptional on-on-one dietary requirements that are needed for maximum results.

Scott asses your current caloric intake with precise detail, and maps out your specific dietary needs creating a superb personalized strategy that fits into your life. Your plate in life is full, so Scott creates customized plans that are specifically tailored to your individual needs using a “big picture” approach.

Scott steps back, looks at all the pieces of the puzzle and works with you to put them all together. As a highly skilled educator who delivers ongoing support and resources, Scott provides the accountability and continuing education to help you reach your goals (permanently), and makes them suitable for everyone.

Scott evaluates your dietary needs to obtain healthy weight achievement, improve your performance, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, and prioritizes long-term health and wellness. Scott utilizes research-based information, and breaks it down into simple and practical terms that can be implemented immediately. No gimmicks, no diets, no magic pills…just real food for optimal health. Scott is a skilled professional with a proven track record, who will be an integral part of your goal achievement.

Areas addressed
Emotional Eating
Hormonal Imbalances
General Health and Wellness
Family Nutrition and Meal Planning
Extensive Areas of Women’s Health 
Plant Based Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition
Weight Management (Weight Loss or Weight Gain)
Sports Nutrition and Maximizing Athletic Performance