After you fill out the Clientele Intake Form, we will schedule a time to meet in person or talk over the phone. In person appointments are available in and around the Palm Beach, Florida area.

Extensive Nutrition Analysis and Consultation

  • An evaluation, consisting of an extensive consultation and full dietary analysis and assessment of your nutrition status based on any health, goals, diet, lifestyle, symptoms and family history. Full Dietary Analysis includes your assessed nutritional needs, goals, results of your dietary intake (including positives of current diet and areas for improvement), recommendations and goals we discuss together. $149

Duo Consultation

  • The Duo option allows you to team up so you both benefit from nutrition analysis along with the support and accountability you both gain from one another. Duo consultations consist of team appointments, with some of the foundational concepts applying to both of you. This is the Extensive Nutrition Analysis and Consultation (above) for two people instead of just one. $229

Customized Meal Plan

  • Your customized meal and supplement plan will be created for you after your first consultation. Each meal plan is designed to provide the proper amount of calories, fat, protein and nutrients for your individual dietary needs, in conjunction with your goals, your work and/or fitness schedule. Your customized meal plan is divided into clear, simple sections; including portion sizes, types of foods from each food group, nutrient timing and is specifically designed based on individual health, weight, goals, age, gender, food preferences, your schedule, cooking ability and lifestyle. $249


  • Follow-ups are focused on accountability, assessment of goal-meeting progress, further nutritional education, challenges or problem areas and keeping you focused. Each follow-up thoroughly reviews your in-depth plan, additional recommendations and personalized guidance. $89

Complete Package

  • Packages are your most effective and economical option for long-term results. Time and time again it is proven that with continual, consistent accountability and ongoing support; lifestyle changes are successful. The Complete Package consists of the Extensive Nutrition Analysis and Consultation, the Customized Meal Plan and the Follow-up. $449

Supermarket Tour

  • Shopping can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t need to be! Aisle by aisle, I will help you to make the best food choices, show you how to read labels, introduce new ingredients, pick out healthy on-the-go options, answer your food and nutrition questions along the way and provide grocery shopping and meal planning tips. The supermarket tour is available at any store within a 30 mile radius of West Palm Beach. You can bring additional family or friends at no extra cost. Learn to navigate grocery shopping like a champion, and remember, a well-stocked kitchen is the foundation to your health! $199

Post Lecture Consultation

  • The Post Lecture Consultation consists of the Complete Package at a reduced rate for conference, lecture and seminar attendees. $399